Dog Breeder Contract Template

Aaron McKeehan

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Breeding dogs is not just a passion but a huge responsibility. Ensuring the welfare of the dogs, managing the expectations of future pet owners, and securing the financial transactions are just a few of the many aspects that breeders have to deal with. One essential tool that can greatly aid in managing these aspects efficiently is a dog breeder contract. A dog breeder contract template is a comprehensive document that outlines the terms and conditions agreed upon by both the breeder and the buyer.

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The contract includes detailed information such as the description of the dog, payment details, health guarantees, and responsibilities of both parties. It’s a document that protects both the breeder and the buyer, ensuring that all expectations are clear and agreed upon. With so many responsibilities to juggle, it's imperative that breeders have access to a fill in blank dog breeder contract template that is easy to use, comprehensive, and legally sound.

Fortunately, our app offers a Contract Builder feature designed specifically for breeders. This feature includes a printable dog breeder contract template that can be customized to fit your specific needs. No longer do you have to start from scratch or pay hefty legal fees for a tailor-made contract. Our app provides a template that covers all essential aspects of a dog breeding transaction, ensuring both parties are well protected.

Why Use a Dog Breeder Contract?

A contract is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties involved in a transaction. In the case of dog breeding, it serves several crucial functions:

  1. Clear Expectations: It sets clear expectations for both the breeder and the buyer. This includes the agreed-upon price, the condition of the dog, and the responsibilities of each party.

  2. Legal Protection: It provides legal protection for both parties. If either party fails to fulfill their end of the agreement, the other party can take legal action.

  3. Record Keeping: It serves as a record of the transaction. This can be useful for tax purposes, or in case of any disputes in the future.

Key Components of a Dog Breeder Contract

While the specific components of a contract can vary based on the breeder's requirements, a typical dog breeder contract includes the following key components:

  • Identification of Parties: This includes the names, addresses, and contact information of both the breeder and the buyer.

  • Description of Dog: Detailed description of the dog including breed, color, sex, date of birth, and any other relevant information.

  • Purchase Price: The agreed-upon price for the dog, including any deposits made, and the schedule for any remaining payments.

  • Health Guarantees: Any health guarantees provided by the breeder, including the dog's vaccination and health history.

  • Responsibilities of Buyer: This includes the buyer's responsibilities such as providing adequate care, not using the dog for illegal activities, etc.

  • Responsibilities of Breeder: This includes the breeder's responsibilities such as providing registration papers, health records, etc.

By using the Contract Builder feature in our app, you can easily customize and manage your contracts, saving you time and stress. Sign up today and take the first step towards making your dog breeding business more organized and professional.

Download the Printable Dog Breeder Template (PDF)

Dog Breeder Contract Template

Puppy Sale Contract

This Puppy Sale Contract (the “Contract”) is entered into on __________ (the “Effective Date”), by and between:

Breeder: ______________________
Address: ______________________
Phone: _______________________
Email: _______________________

Buyer: _______________________
Address: ______________________
Phone: _______________________
Email: _______________________

Collectively referred to as the “Parties”.

Whereas, the Breeder is the legal owner of a puppy, described as follows:

Breed: ______________________
Date of Birth: ______________
Sex: ________________________
Color: ______________________
Mother (Dam): _______________
Father (Sire): _______________

Whereas, the Buyer wishes to purchase the puppy described above.

Now, therefore, for and in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the Parties agree as follows:

  1. Sale of Puppy The Breeder agrees to sell and the Buyer agrees to purchase the puppy described above for the total purchase price of $__________. A deposit of $__________ has been received by the Breeder on __________, with the balance of $__________ to be paid on or before the Buyer takes possession of the puppy.

  2. Transfer of Ownership The Breeder agrees to transfer ownership of the puppy to the Buyer upon receipt of the full purchase price.

  3. Health Guarantee The Breeder guarantees that the puppy is in good health at the time of sale. The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within ____ days of taking possession. If the veterinarian finds the puppy to be in poor health, the Buyer may return the puppy to the Breeder for a full refund, provided that a written statement from the veterinarian is supplied. This guarantee does not cover any health issues caused by neglect or injury from the Buyer.

  4. Breeding Rights ☐ The Buyer will have breeding rights for the puppy. ☐ The Buyer will not have breeding rights for the puppy and agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered by ____ months of age.

  5. Return Policy If at any time the Buyer can no longer care for the puppy, the Buyer agrees to contact the Breeder first to discuss the possibility of returning the puppy or finding a new home.

  6. Care and Maintenance The Buyer agrees to provide proper care and maintenance for the puppy, including but not limited to, adequate food, water, shelter, and veterinary care.

  7. Governing Law This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of ______________________.

  8. Entire Agreement This Contract contains the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, both written and oral, between the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.

  9. Amendment This Contract may be amended only by a written agreement signed by both Parties.

  10. Counterparts This Contract may be executed in one or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed to be an original, but all of which together shall constitute one and the same agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have executed this Puppy Sale Contract as of the Effective Date.

______________________________ Breeder’s Name (Print) ______________________________ Breeder’s Signature ______________________________ Date

______________________________ Buyer’s Name (Print) ______________________________ Buyer’s Signature ______________________________ Date

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