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The Tag

While tagging is nothing new, we made it a core function of our app, to help you stay organized without requiring too much data entry. Innovating your breeding management program.

Litter Management

Manage what matters most

Introducing our new Litter Manager tool! With this feature, you can easily manage all the details for each group of puppies. Record what you spend, what you earn, and see all the information in one place. It's designed especially with breeders in mind, making sure you know exactly how well each litter is doing financially. Manage your puppies with ease and confidence!

Integrated Account Management
We've added indepth expense, and payment tracking for puppies, and litters and integrated it with the accounting/budget spreadsheet.

Track each litter

Get an overview of each litter, its value, and its overall expenses.

Manage Litters

Track each puppy

Get an overview of each puppy, its age, and its current status.

Manage Puppies

Track every expense

See every accounting item on a litter and puppy, including income and expenses.

Track Expenses

Track every payment

See every payment on a litter from deposits to final payment.

Track Payments

Puppy Management

Value every puppy

Tracking each puppy, their health, and their payments is now easier than ever. With our new Puppy Manager tool, you can easily manage all the details for each puppy. Record what you spend, what you earn, and see all the information in one place. It's designed especially with breeders in mind, making sure you know exactly how well each puppy is doing financially.

Integrated Account & Document Management
All of the related payments, expenses, and documents for each puppy are accessible from the Document Manager, the Accounting Spreadsheet, and Dashboard.

Puppy Profiles

Track, edit and tag each puppies details.

Puppy Profiles

Puppy Health and Payments

Track each puppies health records, payments and expenses.

Puppy Health and Payments

Weight and Price Tracking

Track each puppies weight and price over time.

Weight and Price Tracking

Documents and Photos

Upload and store documents and photos for each puppy.

Documents and Photos

Spreadsheets for Breeders

Easy to use spreadsheets

Breeders Companion integrates familiar spreadsheet functionalities, offering a seamless transition from Excel or Google Sheets right onto our platform. Simplify your data storage and management, keeping everything in one secure, easy-to-access location..

Copy and Paste.
Enjoy the simplicity of our copy and paste feature, perfect for saving time. With just a few clicks, you can transfer data directly from Excel or Google Sheets into the app, avoiding the need for manual entry.
Prebuilt fields.
Benefit from our prebuilt fields, thoughtfully designed to save you the trouble of creating complex spreadsheets. Experience a smoother, less time-consuming setup, with no need to build out interconnected data fields yourself.
Experience seamless organization with our unique tagging feature, which lets you add tags to each spreadsheet row. This practical function promotes the easy organization of data across the app, helping you keep track of your information with greater efficiency.
Product screenshot

Spreadsheets for every scenario

Litter Management
View all your litters in one place. Add, edit, or delete litters as needed. Keep track of important details like birthdate, sire, and dam. Use the filters to view litters for a specific dog or date range Incorperate tags to categorize your litters by breed, contract, or any other criteria you choose.
Budget Tracking
View financial records related to your breeding business. Manage your Paid and Unpaid transactions. Tag your transactions to view records for a specific dog or litter, etc.
Todo lists
Stay organized, prioritize effectively, and streamline your workflow. Use the Eisenhower Matrix to effectively prioritize tasks. Add, edit, or delete tasks. Tag each task to relate them to other items in Breeders Companion.
Customer Relationship Management
Streamline your interactions, track customer touches, and enhance your relationships. Organize your relationships with tags, and track your interactions using a follow up and touch oriented timing system.

Documents for Breeders

Straight-forward document management

Breeders Companion's document management feature allows you to organize, track, and retrieve your files with ease. Use our advanced tagging system to associate documents with spreadsheet data, creating a cohesive and interconnected data environment.

Everything in one place.
Keep all your essential business documents safe and organized with our comprehensive document storage feature. With everything in one accessible location, managing your breeding business becomes more streamlined and efficient
Enhance the way you manage documents with our intuitive tagging feature, designed to link each document to other tagged data within the app. This interconnected approach allows for more efficient retrieval and understanding of your business information.
Product screenshot

Contract Builder

Simplified Agreement Creation

Creating contracts for selling puppies has never been easier. With this straightforward tool, you can use your own past templates, streamlining the process for your convenience. It also allows you to craft new templates from previous ones, making sure your agreements keep up with your growing needs.

Save all of your contracts to your documents. Our app is designed to make your life easier, so you can spend less time searching for Contracts and more time doing what you love.
Experience seamless organization with our unique tagging feature, which lets you add tags to each Contract. Organize your agreements in a way that makes sense to you, and find them easily.
Product screenshot

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