Managing Your Puppy Waitlist with Custom Tagging

Aaron McKeehan

Posted in Tips/Tricks4 min readSeptember 28, 2023

Owning a dog kennel comes with its fair share of responsibilities. One of the most exciting, yet challenging tasks, is managing a puppy waitlist. It’s wonderful to know that so many families are eager to purchase one of your puppies. However, keeping everything organized can feel overwhelming. This is where our custom tagging feature steps in, bridging the contact manager and account tracker to simplify your puppy waitlist management.

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Why a Puppy Waitlist is Important

A puppy waitlist is more than just a list of names. A waitlist helps dog breeders stay organized, and save time in a few aspects. By maintaining an organized waitlist, you:

  • Ensure a smooth transition for the puppies.
  • Build trust with future pet owners.
  • Streamline your financial records and deposits.
  • Save money on advertizing and marketing.
  • Create a community of loyal customers.
  • Build a revenue stream that doesnt hinge on a successful litter.

Leveraging Custom Tagging for Puppy Waitlists

Our custom tagging feature offers a unique way to label, sort, and manage contacts and financial records. By using this in tandem with the contact manager and account tracker, you can create puppy waitlist system that is tailored to your specific needs. Here are some ways you can use custom tags to manage your waitlist:

1. Easy Identification with Tags

With numerous contacts in your list, finding a potential owner for a specific litter can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With custom tags, you can label each contact based on any factor your wish, like puppy preferences, breed, coat color, or Sire/Dam preferences.

Example: Tag contacts who prefer Golden Retrievers with "GoldenRetriever-Enthusiast" or those waiting for a specific litter with "Litter2023-Waiting". Or create a general "Waitlist" tag for all those waiting for a puppy.

2. Financial Clarity

Using custom tags in the account tracker allows you to associate deposits or payments with specific individuals on your waitlist. This ensures that the financial aspects of the purchasing process are transparent and organized.

Example: If John Smith made a deposit for a Beagle puppy, you can tag that transaction as "Deposit-Beagle", or a "BellaMax-Litter-Deposit" for deposits on a certain litter. Or create a general "Deposits" tag for all deposits.

3. Prioritize and Organize

Some future pet owners might want a puppy from a specific breeding pair or might have been on your waitlist longer than others. With custom tags, you can prioritize your contacts based on their preferences or their waiting duration.

Example: Use tags like "TopPriority-Waitlist" for those who've waited the longest or "BellaMax-Litter-Waitlist" for those wanting a puppy from Bella and Max's litter.

Tips for Effective Puppy Waitlist Management

  1. Regular Updates: Consistently update your contact manager and account tracker. This ensures that all data, from contact details to financial transactions, remains current.

  2. Use Clear Tag Names: The key to effective tagging is clarity. Use descriptive tag names that instantly convey the purpose, try to be more general than specific.

  3. Review Regularly: Periodically review your tags to remove or modify outdated ones. This helps in maintaining an organized system.

  4. Engage with Your Waitlist: Send periodic updates to those on your waitlist about upcoming litters, puppy milestones, or general kennel news.

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Wrapping Up:

In the modern world of dog breeding, technology is your best friend. By integrating custom tagging with the contact manager and account tracker, managing a puppy waitlist becomes a walk in the park. Tagging enables you to implement your specific business style in a constrained environment like a software app. Say goodbye to manual lists, missed communications, and financial mix-ups. Welcome to the future of streamlined, efficient, and effective puppy waitlist management. Try our custom tagging feature today and experience the difference!

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