Mastering Kennel Record Keeping with Custom Tagging

Aaron McKeehan

Posted in Tips/Tricks5 min readSeptember 27, 2023

When it comes to running a successful kennel, one of the most important tasks is kennel record keeping. Properly managing the records of each dog in your kennel helps ensure their health, track their lineage, and manage other crucial details. But with so many dogs and so much information, where do you start? The answer: our custom tagging feature combined with the dog tracker/manager.

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Why Kennel Record Keeping is Essential

Before diving into the "how," let's understand the "why." Why is kennel record keeping so vital?

  1. Health and Safety: Every dog deserves the best care. By keeping accurate records, you ensure each dog gets timely vaccinations, check-ups, and other necessary health services.
  2. Breeding Management: If you're breeding dogs, you'll need clear records of each dog's lineage, health data, and breeding history.
  3. Financial Planning: Proper record keeping can help with budgeting, pricing, and managing kennel expenses.

Using Custom Tagging for Effective Kennel Record Keeping

Our app's custom tagging feature allows users to create their unique tags that make data organization simpler and more intuitive. With the dog tracker/manager, you can add these tags to each dog's profile. But how does it help with kennel record keeping?

1. Easy Search and Retrieval

Imagine having 50 dogs in your kennel and needing to find records for a specific dog quickly. By tagging each dog with custom tags, you can instantly pull up their profile, health records, breeding data, and more. No more sifting through piles of paperwork!

2. Organizing Dogs by Categories

Custom tags let you group dogs based on any criteria you choose. Whether it's by breed, age, health status, or any other category, these tags make organization a breeze.

3. Quick Updates and Edits

When updating records, custom tags help you quickly locate the dog's profile in the dog tracker/manager. Whether it's a new vaccination or a change in diet, tagging ensures you're updating the right record.

Creative Tag Ideas for Kennel Record Keeping

To kickstart your kennel record keeping journey with our app, here are three unique tag ideas that you can use or modify based on your kennel's needs:

  1. Health-Status Tags:

    • Tag Name: "HealthCheck-YYYY"
    • Usage: Use this tag format to indicate the year of the latest health check for each dog. For example, "HealthCheck-2023" would indicate a health check conducted in 2023.
    • Benefits: Quickly identify which dogs are due for their annual health check-up.
  2. Breed and Age Grouping:

    • Tag Name: "BreedName-AgeGroup"
    • Usage: Use tags like "GoldenRetriever-Puppy" or "Beagle-Adult" to categorize dogs by their breed and age.
    • Benefits: Easily segregate and manage dogs based on breed and age, making care routines and feeding schedules simpler.
  3. Training and Socialization:

    • Tag Name: "TrainingLevel-YYYY"
    • Usage: Tags like "BasicTraining-2023" or "AdvancedTraining-2022" can indicate the level and year of training a dog has undergone.
    • Benefits: Stay updated on each dog's training status, ensuring consistent progress and skill development.

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Wrapping Up: Harnessing the Power of Custom Tagging for Kennel Record Keeping

Custom tagging combined with the dog tracker/manager revolutionizes kennel record keeping. It streamlines data management, ensuring you provide the best care and attention to every dog in your kennel. Embrace this feature, explore different tags, and witness the transformation in how you manage your kennel records. With our app, optimal kennel record keeping is just a few tags away!

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